Download Wifi File Transfer Pro 1.3.0 Apk for Android


Wifi file transfer between your smartphone or smartphone and computer by WiFi, is a File Manager that let you do Download/Upload files and folders using the same WiFi network or WiFi Hotspot function of smartphones, so you can exchange files with the speed of WiFi anywhere, also on the road.

*.It also works using a smartphone as “WiFi Router” and connecting the others to it (also works on the one used as a router).
*.Using functions for sending and receiving internal at the program, folders sent will be received completed of sub-folders, you can also send empty folders and subfolders, this isto ensure that you receive all that you’ve send as it is.
*.You do not need the introduction of any IP address but simply choose from a list of available users, you just need to type a possible password access.
*.It is a file manager in every aspect with which it is possible to select multiple files and folders.
*.It is integrated with other multimedia applications from which you can share contents such as images, videos and music.
*.Multiple and simultaneous download and upload in the background with progress in notification bar.




Download link:
Download Wifi File Transfer Pro 1.3.0 Apk (1.8MB)
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