Download Corel AfterShot Pro 2 + Keygen for PC


Corel AfterShot Pro is a fast, flexible workflow application for digital photos, including RAW formats, JPEG, and TIFF. Corel AfterShot Pro is designed to help you organize, optimize, and output your photos. You can work with individual photos or tap into powerful and flexible multi-image processing options that let you adjust and output your photos so you can print them or share them via email or the Web. Corel AfterShot Pro is completely non-destructive; your original image files are always safe. You can use Corel AfterShot Pro on its own, or with your favorite image editing software.

What’s New:
NEW! 64-bit power
Now 30% faster! Get even more processing power and remove memory limitations with the new 64-bit architecture of AfterShot Pro 2. Access more memory and get more stability and responsiveness app-wide. Combined with AfterShot Pro’s world famous multicore performance, AfterShot Pro 2 is 4x faster than the leading RAW processing software—delivering faster results and saving you even more time.

NEW! Updated RAW camera profiles
AfterShot Pro 2 includes support for 26 new camera profiles and supports RAW files from allmajor camera manufacturers. With support for more than 250 camera profiles overall, new camera profiles are being updated throughout the year!

NEW! Complete High Dynamic Range (HDR) tools
Create stunning photos with intense visual contrast using new High Dynamic Range (HDR) tools. Combine multiple exposures to create a single, stunning HDR photo. Within the all-new AfterShot HDR module, apply Smart Photo Fix, White Balance, Brightness/Contrast, Fill Light/Clarity, Local Tone Mapping, High Pass Sharpening, and Digital Noise Removal.

NEW! Workspace enhancements
Enjoy a more fluid workflow with a modern, streamlined interface. Enhanced Zoom delivers better previewing of smaller images, and a new Image Reset button that lets you undo all your changes and view your original photo in a singleclick.

NEW! Easier batch processing
The powerful batch processing dialog of AfterShot Pro has been redesigned to make it simpler and faster to configure any batch processing task. This new dialog features the same new clean interface common throughout AfterShot Pro 2.

New! Red eye removal
AfterShot Pro 2 has a new Red Eye Removal feature. This feature gives you precise control when cleaning up red eye in your photos.

NEW! Bigger Images, Better TIFF performance
New 64-bit performance provides AfterShot Pro 2 with the ability to now support much larger images including files of up to 250 megapixels in size. More power means that AfterShot Pro 2 now supports TIFF format files larger than 30MB.

New! Local Contrast
The new Local Contrast feature helps you recreate the look of high-end camera lenses andmake objects within an image pop by bringing out the texture and contrast in your photos.

NEW! Noise reduction by Athentech
Optimize your images with the new Perfectly Clear noise reduction from Athentech. Adjust the noise reduction to get the precise look you want.

Enhanced! Plug-in support
When you buy AfterShot Pro, you’re not just buying the most powerful RAW photo editing software available, you’re buying into a comprehensive photo editing community. That means you have access to a wide array of 32-bit plug-ins and plug-in developers. Browse our library of plug-ins at These plug-ins are 32-bit—our 64-bit plug-in SDK will also be available.



Download link:
Download Corel AfterShot Pro 2 32bit Setup+Keygen (169.3MB)
Download Corel AfterShot Pro 2 64bit Setup+Keygen (171MB)
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