Download CPU-Z Premium v1.17 [Ads-free] Apk for Android


CPU-Z is a completely free tool that will help youview all of your device’s hardware information. Itworks just like a more popular version of the program made for Windows/PC.The application will give you instant information about the name, architecture, and clocks (core speed and multiplier) of each of your Android system’s devices. Similarly, it will display information about the make and model of the device, screen resolution, and RAM memory.CPU-Z for Android also offers up battery details:level, state, temperature, voltage, etc. Best of all, and different from many similar applications, CPU-Z doesn’t require any special permissions to access and show this information.CPU-Z is an excellent hardware information tool for Windows, and now for Android as well. Although it’s still in beta, the speed and precision with which it offers information makesit a fantastic program.

*.SoC (System On Chip) name, architecture, clock speed for each core.*.System information : device brand & model, screen resolution, RAM, storage.*.Battery information : level, status, temperature,capacity.*.Sensors.



Download link:
Download CPU-Z Premium v1.17 Apk (1.5MB) | Mirror link
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