Download SelfiShop Camera 2.55 Unlocked for Android

Now you can press the monopod button and take pictures on your phone. If your monopod has a few buttons, you can adjust the action for each button (Capture, Zoom, Change camera…).Just run“Monopod Connection Wizard” from options. For advanced users, there is a window for the research commands received from the monopod. Of course the program can be used asa camerawithout a moopod.Photoshot can be done by tapping the screen or on the volume button.
Supported monopods: kjstar, selftimer, wii, yanteng and many others.

What’s New:
New: Video capture with selfiestick support;
New:Incognitomode (for video and photo) – long click on the logo button;
New: Some new monopod commands;
New: Support hardware photo-capture button;
Imp: Optimized speed and perfomance;
Imp: Optimized for Sony, HTC, Samsung phones;
Imp: Animation for common actions;
Fix:Incorrectaspectration on some phones;
More changes and fixes…
Optimized stability and speed
New: Monopod Connection Wizard (options)
New options (lock WB and AE)
New: Camera Rating
New: ChooseISO
New: Link to system video camera
New: Options (Enable / Disable burst photos)
New: Save to Galery
New: Build Samples of PhotoQuality(for advanced users)
Some changes in interface

Download link:
Download apk (1.4MB) | Mirror link

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