Download Slash Game Buster – Android Game Hacker for Android

This is for cheating game.
** The device must be rooted first (e.g. 1. framaroot).

1. Easy to use.
2. APK size is 170 KB only.
3. Multilanguage (currently supports English, Traditional Chinese).
4. Programming language: Java + C.
5. Made in Taiwan.
1. Launch the `Slash Game Buster'(the anonymous icon wil appear).
2. Launch your game.
3. Click the icon to open the `Slash Game Buster’dialog.
4. Click `Search’button and enter the game number current value (after a
while of searching, the found count will be showed).
5. Click the Back button to back to the game.
6. Play a while to get the game number change.
7. Repeat the steps 4~6.
8. The found count is supposed to reduce to 1, and that is supposed to the
address of that game number.
9. Click the address and enter the value you want.
10. That’s it.

Download link:
Download apk (175KB) | Mirror link


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