Download The Eighth Continent v1.6 (Full) for Androidd

The Eighth Continent’is an interactive novel in which you are the story’s hero!
In a world devastated by a cataclysmic super-eruption, you must search for your lost family.  Who should you trust?  What dangers await you in the volcanic wasteland?
Scavenge, fight, hack, and trade your way through a ruined world.

– A branching storyline; make crucial choices and live with the consequences.
– Conditional choices, where your options may depend on the items in your inventory, your health or mental state, previously visited locations, your reputation with other characters, or even your wealth!
– A card-based fighting mini-game.
– A mini-game for hacking electronic locks.
– A mini-game where you scavenge for precious goods.
– Vendors to buy and sell.
– A decryption mini-game to decode secret records.
– An inventory of consumables and quest items for you to manage.
– Over 700 pages.
– Over 20 achievements.
– An automatic bookmark save system.
Suitable for adults and young adults alike, the book uses clean language throughout and contains mild fictional violence in the form of a card game.  Although a standalone story,’The Eighth Continent’is the first book of a trilogy; books two and three are already written, and will be released as apps soon.

What’s New:
1) Fixed a bug where dialog windows were using the wrong page indicator icons.
2) Swapped page lighting from top-right to top-left, to match the other in-game art and UI.

Additional information
October 16, 2015
100 – 500
Current Version
Requires Android
2.3 and up

Download link:
Download apk

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