Download Basic4Android (B4A v5.20 & v5.02) + Libraries For PC

Basic4android (currently known asB4A) is a rapid application development tool for native Android applications, developed and marketed by Anywhere Software Ltd.
B4A is an alternative to programming with Java and the Android SDK.
B4A includes a visual designer that simplifies the process of building user interfaces that target phones and tablets with different screen sizes. Compiled programs can be tested in AVD manager emulator or via real android devices using Android Debug Bridge and B4A Bridge.
The language itself is similar to Visual Basic and Visual Basic .Net though it is adapted to the native Android environment. Basic4android is an object oriented and event driven language.
B4A generates standard signed Android applications which can be uploaded to app stores like Google Play, Samsung Appsand Amazon Appstore. There are no special dependencies or runtime frameworks required.
B4A supports all types of applications such as games, databases, connectivity, sensors and hardware.
B4A interact with the native API through Java libraries. Basic4android libraries are made of two files, the Java jar file and a XML file that is produced by a tool provided with Basic4android.
There are currently about 50,000 registered developers in the online community.
Most of the libraries, classes, examples and tools can be found there.

Download link:
Current Version
B4A Retail v5.20 (3.86Mb) or B4A Retail v5.02 (4.00Mb)
B4A Additional Programs (2.85MB)
B4A Libraries June 2015 (67.65MB)
B4A User Guides (26.75MB)…

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