Download Thrive Island – Survival v2.01 Apk + Obb for Android


Thrive Island is an open world, sandbox survival game where your objective is to survive and thrive in this hostile environment. Hunt, explore and craft to survive! Use your building, crafting, exploration, battling and survival skills to stay alive at all cost.
You are stranded on a lost island and to your horror you have no idea how you got there. It almost feels like apocalypse. Explore the vast island and forest, and salvage anything that may help you survive before night comes! Are you a survivor? Survivors only last.
Dynamic building system
Build small shelters or huge buildings, to protect yourself at night
Explore world
Roam around the nature filled world, hunt wildlife and collect loot for crafting and survival resources.
Caves and dungeons
Discover and explore the hostile dungeons for a wealth of valuable resources
Craft and store all your collected items and raw materials and use them to your advantage. Craft tools which can be used for mining, woodcutting and even combat.
Battles / Battling
Battle and kill anything in sight for resources.
Realistic world / Day&Night cycle
Enjoy the realistic environment as you explore and thrive on this island.
Explore the forests, spooky woods, beaches, coasts and deserts biomes of this stranded island.
Collect resources and food but be sure that it is safe to eat. Scavenge food and raw meat from animals
Survive whatever the cost. There are many diseases and hazards which should be avoided. Survivors survive.
Make sure you eat enough food and stay warm. Make a fire to help you survive. Make sure you rest enough and be sure to pick a safe spot to rest. There is also lots of new aspects of survival that make this a realistic fun survival simulator. Such as, Oxygen, swimming, drowning, radiation poisoning, poison, weapons, tools and temperature&much more..
Mutlilingual languages
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, Turkish, Korean.

Note: This is an early access game. There may be bugs and locked off content or missing features. There will be regular changes to everything, including gameplay.




What’s New
– Many bug fixes, improvements & optimization
– Redesigned whole game
– New islands
– Added female/male characters
– Added new items
– Added new mobs
– Huge amount of improvements&bug fixes
Lots more changes, see full list:

Additional information
July 2, 2015
Current Version
Requires Android
2.3 and up

What’s New
First link:
Apk :: Obb
Second link:
Apk :: Obb
Third link:
Apk :: Obb

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