Cloud Explorer For Google Drive – Blackberry OS5 to 7.1

Conveniently and easily manage your Google Drive account. Download and upload files and folders from and to your Google Drive account as easy as copy & paste, fast and reliable.

Feature List:
– Download and upload multiple files and nested folders in one batch.
– Copy, move, rename files and folders.
– Create new folders.
– View photos and videos thumbnails, so you know which files you want.
– Access the folders and files shared by your friends.
– Tap a file to open in its file viewer, if installed.
– Send a link to a Google Drive file or folder via email.
– Share your files and folder and control who can view or edit.
– Export Google docs to pdf, excel, word formats.
– Manage multiple accounts (BlackBerry 10 & PlayBook version)
– Tap & hold a file or folder to see the context menu (Export, Share, Send, …)

*** Authentication is done through the Google web site so we never know your email or password.

Note: this Application is a paid application But am Giving You for free without paying dime…
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Offline Download
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