How to download Youtube video on Blackberry using UC Web

Here is a Tutorial on how to download youtube videos on your Blackberry OS 4.0 to OS 7.1 using UC WEB, we all know that UC WEB is more faster dan any other browser…

YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. Three former PayPal employees created YouTube in…

As we all know that Youtube is The largest video sharing site on the Web, and lets anyone upload short videos for private or public viewing.

Am here to teach u how to download youtube video with UC WEB, you don’t have UC WEB click HERE to download it.
This work on any mobile device but recommended for Blackberry device..
Before i proceed, Click HERE to Download youtube videos with Vuclip using one Browser on blackberry.

Follow this easy steps to download with no stopping.

1. Goto to youtube on blackberry (Youtube), search for any video of your choice, click and copy the video link.

2. Open another tab and go to HERE, paste the video link and then click download to fetch download links…

3. Select format of your choice, for Blackberry user choose (360p)

That Is all………

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4 Responses to How to download Youtube video on Blackberry using UC Web

  1. Ope says:

    I didn’t get d last step “select new task”where are we going to select dat cus I didn’t see any option lyk dat

    • jidecoded says:

      You will found it in ucweb download manager, just click the blackberry logo and click on manage, another dialog will show…. you will see it there, click on it and paste the download link…. That is all

  2. flynotic says:

    Not working. Uc is telling me the the content is to big to copy in the new task manage

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