Rename Icon: For Blackberry

☀☀☀ Make your app icons sparking, easy to recognize, fancy/honey customized, or with own language.

‘Rename Icon’ could help you to customize the app names by yourself, you could show your innovation, DIY the app names as you wish: name of your honey, the word you love, even the funny punctuations…

※We change the version number a little bit higher ONLY due to changed price into Paid. Buy us with the reason:
〓 4+ stars comments & and more than months’ giveaway
〓 Support us via business and shop with us; we still have 10 or more premium apps waiting for explore, search ‘MMMOOO

Changelog in V2.0:
★Support more 3rd party apps

Changelog in V1.2.5:
★Changed with new UI

Changelog in V1.2:
★Now most system apps’s icon can be renamed, and the short cut can be renamed as well.

1. Easy to operate, no any difficult;
2. Support punctuations in the name, you could use ‘%’, ‘\(^o^)/~’, ‘=^_^=’…
3. Show your innovation, you could give every app an UNIQUE name only for you;
4. Rename with own language.

1. Could not support renaming the system core app, such as ‘Calendar’, ‘BlackBerry Messenger’…
2. If the app have a shortcut, when you rename the app name, the shortcut will be invalid. If you want to restore, please move the highlight on the item, press BlackBerry® key, in the pop-up, select “Restore”.

Guarantee satisfaction: MMMOOO welcome your feedback comment, so we can keep leading the tide in mobile apps. If you find a bug, kindly email us, we can provide revision asap, and a bonus theme as well. Be so kind don’t leave a malicious comment.

Download Links:
•Click HERE To Download From Appworld
•Click HERE For ZIP Download

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