Kaspersky AntiVirus free download with Crack

About Kaspersky AntiVirus 2013: Kaspersky AntiVirus 2013have a partnership with hardware manufacturer ASUS and provides its Anti-Virus 2013 free for 1 year to owners of the high end Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) range of motherboards and chips. Although not the kaspersky Internet Security package with Firewall and other things etc, this version does have many other crucial advantages over the later CBE edition. Firstly its available outside of Germany so you dont need to edit the languages settings, English is the default. SecondlyKaspersky Antivirus 2013ROG edition is available worldwide so there no need to use VPNs and proxies from your country to try and activate it!
If you do not own an ASUS ROG motherboards, attempting to installKaspersky AntiVirus 2013using their setup installer will fail with the error message Error which has Occurred. Application was not installed Properly. Digital signature of installations files is missing. After a little of time and research we’ve come up with a way to install and activate the ROG edition using the standard antivirus package for ALL the users, not just those users who have Asus ROG motherboards. This isnt done using cracks or key generators, just common sense and logic. Here the steps how to do it.
•File Size : 153 MB
•Rar Password: >www.pkgames.net<

Download Here

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