MTN Unlimited Browsing Using Pd – Proxy

Now that Mtn has finally blocked blackberry. net on BIS. Which means you can’t use your BIS subscription on any other device like PC,
Modem, Nokia, iPhone & Android Devices.
For Some days now, Different people keep complaining that Subscription MTN Bis Is no More working on Non Blackberry Devices..
Today, I can say it loud and clear that Most Heavy Internet users are Browsing on their Laptop using the Blackberry BIS Subscription without the Network stoping them.
Since MTN Has Stoped us from Using MTN BIS To Surf on PC, we has make some Research on Alternate Solution.. For Real, PDproxy is Seriously Rocking for PC Users…

First of all I will like to tell you the meaning of PD-PROXY.
PD-Proxy is a tunneling software that can secure your internet connection by encrypting all your connections to the internet.

PD proxy is the best; it is a fast and secure VPN service. It is one of the most affordable VPN service online.

•To use PD proxy with MTN blackberry services in Nigeria all you need do is:
Subscribe for the blackberry Daily weekly/Monthly Plan..
•Then visit and Register Free Account, After that Download PD Proxy Software
•Configure your modem this; Apn- || Password/username: web
•CONFIGURE Your PD-PROXY with Bellow Settings:
1. After downloading open the the folder and Run PD launcher as administrator.
2. How to Run as administrator, Right Click on it and select Run as administrator.
3. After the application is open, input your username and password you created.
3. choose any of the server apart from the demo then select ICM.
4.demo user should choose demo server 2 then select ICMP

NOTE: The free account is limited to 3Gig / month but the premium account is unlimited browsing with no stop internet speed.

Need Any help you can leave your comment…..

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