Bible Reader – free bible for blackberry

Mobilize your Bible Study — Mobile software designed from the ground up for reading and studying the Bible on Blackberry and Blackberry Storm.
-New! – Greek and Hebrew – study and
perform advanced searches in the original biblical languages Over 600 Resources Available – download hundreds of free and premium Bible resources Verse Chooser – navigate quickly to any verse in the Bible Over-the-Air Installation – download titles straight to your BlackBerry Offline Access – Bibles are stored on your phone, not dependant on a network connection Advanced Search – look up every occurrence of a word in every book of the Bible Versified Commentaries – switch to the commentary of your choice linked directly to any verse you are studying Automatic network detection – detect the network type and interface (BES, MDS, WAP, etc) for an automatic data connection Searchable web catalog – quickly find the book you want from the hundreds of options available on the Olive Tree store Visual toolbars – compact visual toolbar shows important functions as buttons with other menu choices available in a secondary screen Shortcuts – enable you to quickly access

BibleReader features
Full customization – change the fonts and colors of the main window
Improved bookmark list – Bookmarks are now saved with the text of the verse under the verse reference for faster navigation
Scrolling Options – allow you to customize your Bible reading experience

Download Here

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